TechStars NYC

The New York startup community is overflowing with energy. The is an opportunity for TechStars, a nationally recognized seed stage investment program, to help accelerate the formation and growth of startups in NYC. As an organization focused on identifying, mentoring and sponsoring budding technology teams, TechStars has a proven formula to identify potential and accelerate success. I’m humbled and excited to join TechStars to help launch and run the New York City program.

The impact TechStars can have on the New York startup community is tremendous. Already, we have an amazing group of NYC mentors who have built and run the best New York-based companies. Our city is the perfect home for TechStars, as a native and life-long New Yorker, I am excited be part of an organization that will help new companies become great enterprises in this flourishing and vibrant startup community.

From my own personal perspecive, I’m delighted to work with the mentors, the investors, Brad Feld and especially David Cohen.  It is a tremendous honor.

I look forward to engaging the entire community to help in building a core piece of the startup ecosystem in the best city in the world.

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