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The New York startup community is overflowing with energy. The is an opportunity for TechStars, a nationally recognized seed stage investment program, to help accelerate the formation and growth of startups in NYC. As an organization focused on identifying, mentoring and sponsoring budding technology teams, TechStars has a proven formula to identify potential and accelerate success. I’m humbled and excited to join TechStars to help launch and run the New York City program.

The impact TechStars can have on the New York startup community is tremendous. Already, we have an amazing group of NYC mentors who have built and run the best New York-based companies. Our city is the perfect home for TechStars, as a native and life-long New Yorker, I am excited be part of an organization that will help new companies become great enterprises in this flourishing and vibrant startup community.

From my own personal perspecive, I’m delighted to work with the mentors, the investors, Brad Feld and especially David Cohen.  It is a tremendous honor.

I look forward to engaging the entire community to help in building a core piece of the startup ecosystem in the best city in the world.

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What’s a blog?

Hello. You are present at the creation, of what, i’m not quite sure… 

Ideally I’ll provide a little bit of everything on here. I’m shooting for some funny, some smart, some cool, some deep, some shallow, but mostly it will be an honest sharing of the things I am passionate about: Internet Startups, the NFL and the Giants, competitive Reality TV (I haven’t missed an episode of Survivor… ever), my five-year-old-like Food tastes (chicken fingers and fries), New York City, Cool Technology, Sports, Athletes doing dumb things, Travel, hooded sweatshirts and headbands, Kid Robot and random funny things (and maybe my dog Jones).  I will also probably address my dislikes, such as Alex Trebek and Kates Paperie… 

I spent way too much time deciding which platform to use, I asked too many people, got too many opinons and enjoyed playing with a variety of platforms. But I’ll be using Tumblr. Being able to blog my thoughts and share my content, as well as share other people’s posts through the platform is a compelling differentiator. But mostly, I chose Tumblr because it is a community (and built in NYC), and I look forward to being part of the Tumblr community…

Over the past 4 years I immersed myself in the New York tech community. I have worked at and invested in (via BoxGroup) amazing companies from the earliest stages, and collaborated with and felt myself energized by so many talented people. Im starting this blog to keep that going and to add to it.

The quality of thinking and genuine desire to help others succeed is so unique to the startup world. We are constantly exposed to ideas, thoughts, arguments, innovations, failures, cultures, markets, big successes, little successes, absolute gamechangers, and more so than anything, a viral passion and energy that runs through the core of the community. You cannot find this in any other career, it is so cool that I get to call this work. Doing this all in New York, as the tech scene continues to explode here, is priceless. I could not be happier.

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